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Innovy - Energy Innovations

Is your product outdated, too expensive or doesn't comply to the present standards. Or would you like to bring a new product on the market?
Innovy helps you create new idea's.

Do you have troubles with your product?
We'll help you with troubleshooting and making further improvements.

We search for the solutions you need and help you with recommendations, further development or form a team of high, skilled partners.

Core business

Generation of up to date, reliable and cost effective concepts

Generation of quick and sufficient mathematical models for performance and loads prediction to perform the right concept selection

Product development, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, dynamics and control

KISS (keep it simple stupid)

Further development by you or by third parties, among others by the large number of our contacts also possible under our lead.

About Innovy

Innovy was funded by Drs. Ing. F. Hagg, after an early retirement from Stork Product Engineering. Drs. Ing. F. Hagg has worked for Stork for 36 years and have given Stork and his customers a lot of new ideas and practical design tools.

Now he and is his high skilled parters will make their skills and experience available, to help other companies create new ideas or to help them realize their ideas and projects.