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Solar pond

A Solar Pond Tower is a combination of a Solar Tower, a Solar Pond and a Hurricane Tower, taking the advantages of all of them. The largest advantage comes from the application of the cheap heat generating Solar Pond, which is far cheaper than the large solar heat collecting green house of the Solar Tower. It is estimated that the Solar Pond Tower can produce power at a cost of 3-5 €ct/kWh.

Solar pond

The problem of a Solar Tower is that the efficiency is low, though a very large collector area is needed to produce power; for instance a 1000 m high 200 MW tower requires an expensive 20 km² large green house, which causes the main part of the cost.

The problem of a Hurricane tower is that the height is small, so besides a pump a fan is needed to lift the air for the production of fresh water. If integrated in a solar tower no fan is needed and even power is generated, while both the Solar tower and the Hurricane tower can use the same tower.

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